#CalendariodeiColori #2022

How were colours obtained by artists in the past, before it was possible to buy ready-made tubes thanks to the advent of industry?

The project "Calendar of Colours”, conceived and conducted by Arzy Ca ' Association, was aimed to involve people in the Egg Tempera Workshop, spreading one of most effective and ancient painting methods heritage: the recipe and application of egg yolk-based tempera.
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The method faithfully simplifies what is recommended in "The book of the Art" by Cennino Cennini, written between XIV and XV centuries, which is considered by conservators and art historians as the most reliable extant source for the historical reconstruction of artists’ working methods in Florentine workshops.
Original works coming out by the Workshop were digitalized for designing the 2022 Digital Calendar of Colours by Arzy Ca'. The event was hosted by Citizen Library in Paese (Italy) thanks to the contribution of the Municipality and Department of Culture.
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