Arzy Ca’ #NaturatImito #2022

Arzy Ca' #NaturatImito #2022

Watching Nature re-create itself on its own is something we can learn from. In Nature, when something dies, it is reused by the next form of life! This is what inspired Arzy Ca’ to present the workshop #NaturatImito, that means “Nature, I imitate you”. People who joined the experience decorated with colours their vases, made by recycled materials coming from industrial waste. Once the colours were dry, they chose a kind of plant from the many available and put it in the vase with some topsoil. The kids and their families will see it growing at home and changing everyday , and will remind the magnificent Nature’s Work. The event was hold in Paese (Italy) and supported by the local ProLoco organization under the fair Paese Tra Fiori e Sapori. Take care of Nature and learn from it!