Arzy Ca’ #700annidiDante #CommunityArtExperience

#700annidiDante is the art, gaming, and sustainability project promoted by the italian Arzy Ca’ association, in collaboration with Department of Culture of the Municipalities of Paese and Treviso, aiming at celebrating the 2021 anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s memory.
Dante lived and wrote about Treviso in The Divine Comedy “dove Sile e Cagnan s’accompagna” (Paradiso, Canto IX).
During this long-lasting project, two “Community participation Eco-mosaics” were developed: the first, “Dante’s Portrait by Sandro Botticelli” sizing 2,3x1,3 meters, was built in the citizens' Library Park of Villa Panizza in Paese, and the second, “Dante in Treviso” sizing 1,7x1,7 meters, was built in the downtown piazzas in Treviso, close to the Dante’s Bridge.
The mosaic technique has a long tradition in the history of art, whilst reuse and recycle have been utilized since the 900 avant-garde movements. 
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Co-making is an interesting trend able to perform social commitment by a human-centered approach. Thousands of little pieces of reused and recycled objects coming from domestic daily life and industries (plastic, metal, paper, ceramic, fabric, polystyrene, buttons, caps, obsolete electronics,…) were applied into the pixelled guide tables that altogether constituted the complete Eco-mosaic. The aim of that was to stimulate a social connectivity, a sustainability awareness and a mindset shift toward waste reduction.
Dante is the perfect ambassador: he is considered at global level the icon of Italian literature, the first facilitator engaging a non-scientist community by spreading content in the vernacular Italian language instead of Latin.

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